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The Most Trusted Name in Roofing

As a full-service commercial roofing contractor in Wichita with over 25 years of experience, Solid Rock is a company you can count on. We operate on deeply ingrained values and we care about all of our customers, coworkers and vendors. Our goal is to develop relationships with each of these groups of people and maintain those relationships for the long term.

Our highly experienced team of roofing experts approach each job with passion and professionalism with your satisfaction our top priority. With the unpredictable weather of the area, we have helped hundreds of companies recover from severe damage caused by storms and even have an experienced insurance adjuster on board to handle your claims.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Rusty Cryer

Rusty gets excited about meeting customer needs and developing long-term relationships.  Over the past several years God has blessed Rusty with a team that comprises over 65 years of commercial roofing experience.  They have been able to lead a variety of amazing roofing projects in south central Kansas.  A few highlights include:

  • A church roof that was comprised of asphalt shingles, spray polyurethane foam, and a metal restoration that saved the church thousands of dollars in energy bills.
  • A membrane roof replacement in south Wichita of over 120,000 square feet that cured a leaky hail damaged facility and provided them a couple of decades of leak-free warranty.
  • A spray polyurethane foam roof installation on a historical building in Emporia that won runner-up for a national industry excellence award.
  • And a metal roof restoration of over 120,000 square feet for a manufacturing facility in west Wichita that put an end to numerous leaks and provided a warrantied system.

Before roofing, Rusty spent fifteen years working for a non-profit organization involved in overseas programs designed to have a positive impact in people's lives. He then concurrently led the customer support departments for two sizable manufacturing businesses in central Kansas. Through these experiences he developed an eye for seeing needs and a love for meeting those needs through high quality service.

Rusty married the woman of his dreams over twenty-five years ago.  He and his wife Lesli have four amazing kids, two in college and two still at home.  Family and faith are both deeply important to Rusty and the way he runs Solid Rock. 

Ask him about the places he has visited and the things he has seen. And don't forget to ask him about your roof. He'd love to tackle your commercial roofing needs and make sure it's done with high quality service.


  1. Integrity – we tell the truth and do what we say we are going to do
  2. Create Value – we work hard, work fast and do a great job for our customers
  3. Value People – we care about people and treat others with respect
  4. Humility – we admit when we are wrong and take responsibility for our actions
  5. Discipline – we work smart and don’t cut corners
  6. Honor God – we work in a way that pleases God