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Modified Bitumen Roof

At Solid Rock, we specialize in commercial roofing options in Wichita that bring the most value to our customers. For over 25 years we have taken pride in keeping up with the latest in roofing technology while also sticking to proven performers such as a modified bitumen roof. Our roofing experts can recommend what roofing option is best for you based on the current condition of your roof, your budget and the architecture of your building.

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We send an expert roofer to your site to perform a roof inspection before offering an accurate quote for every roofing project. Our roofing contractors have built a reputation for offering superior customer service, skilled workmanship and the highest quality roofing materials to ensure your satisfaction.

Modified Bitumen Roof System Lenexa, KS

Modified Roofing System

Modified bitumen or “mod bit” roofing is an asphalt product offering many advantages over other types of membrane roofing materials. As a result, we often recommend it for flat roof replacements and restorations. It is especially effective as an alternative to built-up roofs. With proper installation, the modified bitumen roof can far outlast other asphalt products, especially when installed with a coating to protect against UV exposure.

The reinforced sheets require a less labor-intensive application that makes installation more cost-effective. This roofing material can be applied to low-slope or flat roofs providing long-lasting protection against the elements. It has a long life that can exceed 10 years when properly installed and maintained. Our team of roofers is experienced in mod bit roofing, ensuring you will get the longest possible use of your new or restored commercial roofing system.

Benefits of Modified Bitumen Overland Park, KS

Benefits of Modified Bitumen

There are several benefits to using a modified bitumen roof on your commercial building. We find it highly dependable with a proven track record. It is one of the earlier materials used for flat roofs. The fact that is still the roof of choice for many roofing companies is proof that it is durable. Although these roofs are recommended for about 10 years, they have proven time and again they can last 20 years or more. This translates into savings for your business for repairs and replacements.

The seams are sealed tight helping to prevent chronic leaks common to flat roofs. This makes it a dependable option that will avoid water damage and the need to call in roof repair experts on a regular basis. Compared to other membrane roofing products that have seams that are not sealed properly or even left slightly open, a modified bitumen roof is less at risk of weakening due to exposure to rain and sun.

With seamless installation, your modified bitumen roof is far more durable. It reduces the risk of leaks and associated damage thanks to its high-tensile strength. This also means modified bitumen roofs are not likely to develop cracks common to other flat roof materials.

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Finally, modified bitumen roofs are rated against wind, fire, and hail. This means they are less vulnerable to the ravages of nature especially in the severe storms common in Kansas. Long manufacturer’s warranties help protect you from damages if the roof for some reason does not meet expectations for longevity.

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