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Storm Damage Roof

At Solid Rock, we help keep Wichita businesses sound with a team of experienced commercial roofing experts specializing in storm damage roof repairs and restoration. For 25 years, we have overcome the challenges presented by the unpredictable weather of the area. We have helped hundreds of companies recover from severe damage caused by storms. Our company even has an experienced insurance adjuster on board to handle your roof insurance claims.

We make things easier on you with the highest quality commercial roofing service, materials and workmanship. Our goal is to find cost-effective storm damage roof repair solutions customized to your roof restoration needs.

Hail Damage Roof Lenexa, KS

Hail Damaged Roof

Although hail that is less than 1.25 inches in diameter is unlikely to cause roof damage to most commercial roof coverings, depending on the type and condition of your roof, damage can still occur. If you experience a hailstorm, it is better to be safe than sorry and have a roof inspection by our commercial roofing team. Solid Rock can look for damages that can lead to leaks and other issues. You might feel hail damage is only apparent if leaks appear. However, it can take a long time for water to make its way into a commercial building. This means leaks might not appear right away.

Hailstorm roof damage should always be addressed as soon as possible. It can create pits and holes that make your roof vulnerable to the elements. Keep in mind that your insurance will often cover hail damage. We have an insurance adjuster on board who can help you through the process. If you ignore damage when it occurs, it could affect your claim. Your insurance company could dispute your payments based on the damage being a pre-existing issue.

Wind Damage Roof Overland Park, KS

Wind Damage Roof

With the winds common to Wichita, you should always be on high alert when the winds pick up. Often, wind damaged roofs are not repaired in a timely manner. Business owners don’t think to check their roof following a heavy wind. You might be surprised how much damage can occur from strong winds, especially if your roof is a little worse for wear.

With strong winds, commercial flat roofs are vulnerable to wind uplift and scouring. Wind uplift reaches below roofing materials causing buckling when the membrane of the roof is lifted from the roof deck. This material provides a seal to protect against the elements. Once this seal is broken, leaks can occur which will rot out your roof. Other areas of your roof such as flashing and fascia can also be damaged by wind. As well, if your flat roof has gravel, wind can loosen and remove the gravel that will negatively affect the integrity of your roof.

Following a heavy wind, you can call Solid Rock. We will send our commercial roofing experts to inspect your building. We can look for damage to all areas of your roofing system and provide recommendations for roof repairs in hand with a quote. Because you can claim wind roof damage on your insurance, the appraisal must happen right away to avoid your insurance company denying your claim. Our adjuster will be ready to assist with the process, so your roof is repaired quickly, and the payment is available to cover your costs.

We can repair a storm damaged roof in Wichita, Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee, Lawrence, Hays, Topeka, Salina, Hutchinson, Emporia, McPherson or any nearby areas. Call us today at (316) 227-2628 to schedule a free estimate!