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Elastomeric Coating

Solid Rock specializes in affordable commercial roofing solutions in Wichita. For 25 years, we have provided roof repairs and restoration services designed to improve durability and dependability. Our elastomeric coating offers an affordable alternative to roof replacement as well as a highly effective restoration treatment.

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Elastomeric Roof Coating Lenexa, KS

Our roofing contractor will complete an accurate onsite inspection before making recommendations on the right solutions for your needs. We are committed to superior workmanship and every job is performed to exceed your expectations. You can trust our roofing experts to recommend customized commercial roofing options suited to your needs and budget.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Our roofing company applies elastomeric roof coating to help seal and protect a variety of roof types including:

  • Metal
  • Flat
  • Modified bitumen
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Spray foam
  • Tar and gravel

Elastomeric roof coatings are an affordable alternative to roof replacement as it can extend the life of your roof by as much as 20 years. When timed just right, you can avoid the need for a replacement, while reaping the many benefits of this hassle-free roofing restoration process. Ideally, it is applied as soon as your roof is showing signs of aging. This avoids costs associated with minor repairs prior to the treatment while providing the most benefit for longer life.

One of our commercial roofers can come to your site and perform an inspection to determine if an elastomeric roof is right for you. They will also identify other specialized treatments that might be required such as seams and flashings.

Benefits of Elastomeric Coating Overland Park, KS

We will provide a quote and review the process before booking an appointment for your roof coating. You will not have to worry about disruptions to your business, as it is a quick and painless treatment.

Benefits of Elastomeric

The beauty of elastomeric coatings is that they address the most common issues that ruin roofing including cracks and buckling. Cracks occur when your roof expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Elastomeric coatings are made of a material that is very flexible keeping it sound despite weather changes. It is very responsive even with the constant changes in weather.

There are many benefits to elastomeric coatings including:

  • Providing a new seal to the underlying roofing material
  • Preventing and stopping chronic leaks
  • Preventing costly interior damage caused by leaks
  • Improved protection against inclement weather
  • Improved insulation to assist in keeping the building cooler in the summer
  • No more costly repairs for chronic roofing issues
  • Proactive approach to prevent wear and tear

In many cases, you can even apply a new coating over an old one and continue to avoid the need to invest in a new roof. This can provide a lifetime of protection in a very cost-effective way. Regardless of the size of your commercial building from a single small property to an entire complex, roof coatings remain the most affordable option. They also offer a consistent appearance in larger properties that might have offices overlooking a flat roof for your warehouse, storage or other office space.

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