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How to Find the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor in Wichita, Kansas

If your commercial or industrial roof needs service, you need a dependable and qualified commercial roofing contractor to do the job. We are proud to be servicing Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas for over 25 years. In our experience, we have learned that not all companies that offer commercial roofing services have the right credentials. Do your research before choosing a roofing contractor.

Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor in Wichita

1. Look locally
If you hire a local roofing contractor in Wichita, they will have a reputation to uphold with other local businesses for which they have done work. They will be rooted in your community, as opposed to a category of companies known as “storm chasers” who go to an area after a catastrophe to pick up quick work. A good way to get solid recommendations for a commercial roofer is to ask neighbors or co-workers who they have hired in the past. Find out the names of a few candidates that did a quality job.

Wichita Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

2. Read online reviews
Once you have a few ideas to choose from, check out those companies by searching for Angie’s List reviews, Facebook reviews,, and the Better Business Bureau. Look for negative reviews and review customer feedback. Look for testimonials as well, for jobs with a similar scope of work. Once you have narrowed your list down to a few companies with good track records, call to get a quote from each one.

3. Listen for professionalism
When you speak to a commercial roofing contractor, note their professionalism. They should be courteous and answer your questions fully and completely.

4. Ask for certifications and credentials
In Wichita, Kansas, professional roofing contractor will be licensed, insured and certified. They should be able to show you proof of workman’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. You do not want to be at risk for a worker falling or becoming injured on your property; you could be liable unless the company is insured properly. License and certification information should be listed on the company’s website.

5. Look for safety training
A commercial contractor should have workers who are trained in safety protocols. The worst thing to happen would be a construction worker falling and getting injured on-site. You do not want to be held accountable, and you should ask beforehand how the company handles these situations and what protections it offers against that type of situation.

6. Compare quotes
Look for local companies and get a full, detailed estimate from each. A good company will usually offer you a free estimate, based on the dimensions of your roof and the specifics. Get copies of quotes in writing. A company who has done the kind of work you want done, will be able to give you facts and figures quite readily. If a quote seems far lower than the others, ask what other costs could be incurred as part of the final price, as these charges should not take you by surprise.

7. Look for a guarantee
A reputable company will offer you a guarantee of their work, and be accountable for anything that is not up to par. Further, you should look for a company that is willing to offer continued maintenance going forward, as part of their standard service.

With this information, you should be able to find a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Wichita, KS.
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