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Roof Repair for Storm Damage in Wichita

With storm season upon us, you may find that your commercial building needs roof repair for storm damage. Regardless of how good the roof is or what steps you have taken to ensure that it is in good condition, the power of the storms in Wichita and surrounding areas can cause devastating damage.

It does not have to be hail the size of your fist, or winds with tornado strength to cause enough damage to create a leak or undermine the integrity of a roof. As soon as possible after any storm in which you think there may have been damage, you should call on a roof repair company to do an assessment of the damage.

Calling on an experienced roofing contractor to inspect your commercial roof after a severe storm is your best defense against devastating losses due to wind or hail damage.

Wind and Hail Damage Repair

Along with a major storm, wind and hail damage could call for some extensive roof repairs. Because of the construction materials and their size, commercial roofs are very susceptible to problems such as uplift and scouring. The wind can lift the roofing material off the roof deck, or damage fascia and flashing, corrupting the integrity of the roof and its ability to protect you in future storms. Asphalt can become loose and degrade the roof as well, erasing the protection that you have paid for.

When you call us for an inspection, we send a team with 25 years of experience with storm damage, and we can locate points of weakness quickly and prescribe a method to repair the roof. Rarely does a roof require complete replacement after a moderate storm, but with enough damage, a full replacement could be the next thing you have to do if you do not get it repaired quickly.

If you have any further questions about roof repair for storm damage in Wichita, call us today at
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