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Four unbeatable advantages to using spray polyurethane foam for your next commercial roofing project

Does your older, leaky building need a better roofing solution? 

We recommend spray polyurethane foam (SPF), also known as spray foam roofing. It’s an affordable, durable roofing solution that is can help solve a number of roofing problems. 

Here are four reasons to consider putting spray foam roofing to work in your next roofing project: 

  1. Increase energy efficiency. Do you have an aging facility and want to reduce your high energy bills? Spray foam roofing can help you achieve this goal – and is superior to traditional insulation. It completely seals any kind of gaps in your roof and conserves your energy resources.  We also recommend it for new builds, and its flexibility allows it to be used on flat, domed, low-sloped, and pitched roofs. 
  1. Lessen project expenses. SPF boasts a high insulation R-value of approximately 7. This means it offers your facility excellent resistance to heat flow or temperature reduction. In fact, you could further save money with this rating because you can use less of the material, which equals more savings on your project.
  1. Extend the life of your roof. We maximize SPF’s excellent insulation through the application of elastomeric coatings to protect the material from the damage of ultraviolet rays. The coatings also provide a resilient waterproof layer and further safeguard from hail as well as other elements that can damage your roof.
  1. Reduce worries in the years to come. Spray foam roofing is an ideal insulation option – and we want to make sure you can protect this investment. We offer 10-year, 15-year, or 20-year warranties. We guarantee our workmanship and stand by each project – from day one through the product’s life cycle.

Turn to our roofing team today for honest, reliable roofing and remodeling you can trust. We offer the best solutions for your commercial roofing needs. We follow the latest developments in the industry and consistently implement them so you can be confident we are serving you with the highest quality and most reliable workmanship.